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Integrative Healing Journey with Joy

Integrative healing sessions begin with an energetic/chakra health assessment. Based on the client's needs, mind-body techniques of Reiki, yoga, essential oil diffusion, far infrared light technology and/or meditation may be explored. These healing techniques can be used to reduce stress, anxiety, impact mood, enhance sleep, and generally leave one feeling more energetically balanced and grounded.

60 minutes: $80-$100 sliding scale

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Ritual Facilitation with Diana

Ritual facilitation

Diana has more than 15 years of experience with co-creating ritual and ceremony. She is ordained through the Universal Life Church to officiate, and can assist you with creating a beautiful ceremony that is uniquely tailored to you. She also available to facilitate weddings, celebrations of life, and community ceremony to mark significant life transitions and rites of passage. By appointment, contact

Reiki with Joy or Myra

Reiki has the goal of increasing a client’s supply in life force energy. This method is often relaxing, healing, and stress-reducing. Reiki is done on a massage table with the client fully dressed. This practice involves very light touch or no touch to the body. 

60 Minute Reiki sessions with Myra: Donation based

60 Minute Reiki sessions with Joy: $50-$70 sliding scale

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Home & Land Clearings and Blessings with Diana

Do you get the sense that something just isn’t right in your home or on the land where you live? Trust your intuition - it is likely that you are perceiving subtle forms of information that there is an imbalance or disruption occurring. A home or land clearing can assist in identifying the source of the disharmony and implement techniques for restoring peace. Services are also available for opening and blessing new space such as a home or office, assisting you in greeting the space and the land, making offerings, and blessing the land and the people who live there. By appointment, contact

Yoga with Joy

Joy offers 1 on 1 and small group yoga sessions that are open to everyBody regardless of previous yoga experience. She is certified in both traditional Hatha Yoga and Kemetic (Egyptian) yoga styles. Joy creates space that is trauma-informed, size diverse, queer, trans, and POC inclusive.  

1 on 1: $50-70 sliding scale

Small Group (2-6): $20-$30 per person

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Traditional/Intuitive Energy Work with Diana

Incorporating a variety of healing modalities including Reiki, CranioSacral, and traditional curanderismo techniques, the basic session is a limpia clearing. A healing session can help release trauma and stress stored in the body, clear unwanted and outdated patterns that obstruct your path, fortify healthy boundaries, and ground and connect you to your source of power. The session includes work with tools including song, drum, rattle, feathers, stones and crystals, as well as hands-on somatic work. Most importantly, the work involves support from allies that facilitate a transformational process.

Intuitive healing may incorporate elements of: dream work, ancestral healing, spiritual direction & counsel, and intuitive work with plant medicine and other allies.


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Metaphysical/Magickal Mentorship/Support with Joy

Having trouble finding your magickal path? Would you like a space to explore different metaphysical topics from energy to divination, to altar building and personal ritual work? Would you like to work on strengthening your intuitive gifts? These magickal/metaphysical mentorship sessions are tailored to fit your heart's desire!

60 Min:$80-$100 sliding scale

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Spiritual Direction/Mentorship with Diana

We all crave deep meaning in our lives, and seek ways of finding it. In a superficial, materialistic society, we are taught that we can find fulfillment outside of ourselves through material objects or experiences. All spiritual traditions speak to the deeper truth that the wholeness we seek is within. Through spiritual counseling and mentorship, you will be supported in creating practices that open you to the stillness and knowing within, and to experience gratitude, love and awe of the natural world. This council is particularly supportive for times of transition, working through grief, and recovering from trauma and addiction.

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Journaling as Healing

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Empath/Highly Sensitive Person Support

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